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A question was brought up at a recent meeting about non-residents needing a trail pass.  Below is the copied text from the WI site. Page 16.

Non-Resident Trail Pass Options
• A temporary operating receipt (printed on plain white paper) will
be issued upon purchase of an annual trail pass and allows the
nonresident to operate immediately. The physical trail pass decal
will arrive in the mail in approximately 2 weeks or less.
• Annual trail passes may be purchased online or over the counter
at select authorized sales locations or by calling WDNR at 1-888-
WDNRINFo (1-888-936-7463). Annual trail passes expire March
• The Non-resident, 5-Day ATV/UTV Trail Pass must be printed from
a personal computer or Go Wild location on plain white paper once
the purchase is complete. The customer can operate immediately
and will need to carry this document while on the trails.
• There is no decal or sticker issued or required when purchasing
the 5-Day ATV or UTV Trail Pass.
• Nonresident 5-day trail passes may be purchased online or at any
one of many sales locations.
• Annual trail passes must be clearly displayed in a location forward
of the operator
• Machines displaying valid trail passes do not need a rear plate