7:08p.m. Called to Meeting:
Present Marty Hauble, Erv Shauer-Vice President (absent), Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Michelle Beauvais-Secretary, Amber Campeau-Communications and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss.
New News
Village of Somerset has been passed, February 18, 2018 we will be putting signs up. Meeting at 11:00 am at Not Justa
Bar. Village Ordinance has not been put on the website yet. The three missing signs will also be replaced at that time, and Cty rd. VV will also be signed by the bridge.
A township meeting will be set up since we have surpassed our year anniversary with them.
Discussed possible dates for the meat raffle, the board will work on this during the month.
Memberships are due, but we do not have members addresses. Tammi will send emails this month to members.
Discussed rotation of board members.
Had an attendee to discuss possibly opening St. Joe’s township. Talked possibilities and gave him names of others interested in that area.
Social Media Outreach
Our website is set up, http://www.somersetwiatvclub.com and the Facebook group page is also set up. Amber is handling all the meetings and links. If you have suggestions she said to contact her. Polaris Ride Command App
SWAC Treasury Report
Treasury account currently has $1460.26
Announcements & Adjourn
Any news or updates will be featured in our Facebook group or on the website.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20

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