2017.11.28 Meeting Minutes

7:09 p.m. Called to Meeting:

Present: Erv Shauer-Vice President, Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Amber Campeau-Communications and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss. About 8 people in attendance.

New News

Discussed Bill 392, which was not yet signed.

Village Safety meeting was cancelled. State reps are on alert and may be able to attend future meetings with us.

Alliance meeting update – Erv was in attendance. As of that time the only township left unopen in our area is Richmond. We put a post out looking for people in Richmond township that may be interested in working with the township to open the roads. If people know of anyone interested, put them in touch with us. It has to be residents of the township.

Bridge measurement update from Louie – Road rightaway to road rightaway is 987 ft. Rightaway to bridge deck is almost 1500 ft.

NJB – Tuesday nights are open with notice, if we want to switch meeting venues.

Meat raffle in early 2018 – We discussed possibly having a band to draw more people in and obtain dues for 2018. We discussed looking at General Sam’s as the venue, likely on a Friday night or Saturay in late Jan/early Feb. Shannen and Tracy to talk with John and see if they would donate the band (full or partial).


Erv was thankful for the marks in his driveway from the run in the fall.

Old News

Amber is still working through the Polaris Ride Command app, if you have any questions or things need to be changed please contact her. We can also sell sponsorships for the ride command app. Any new roads with signs or roads that open/close need to be updated in Ride Command.

Officers for new year – please contact us if there is interest in participating.

Signs for 182nd – no update.

Social Media Outreach

Amber is handling all the meetings and links. If you have suggestion’s, please contact her.

SWAC Treasury Report

Tammi Brinkman discussed SWAC funds, there is currently $1460.26 in the SWAC account after paying for website and PO box.

Announcements & Adjourn

No meeting in December with the holidays. Next meeting January 30, 2018.

Any news or updates in between meetings will be featured on Facebook group and website.

Meeting Adjourned 7:52p.m.

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