2017.03.28 Meeting Minutes

7:07p.m. Called to Meeting:

President Martin Hauble called to meeting. Present Erv Shauer-Vice President, Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Michelle Beauvais-Secretary, Amber Campeau-Communications Director, Scott Beauvais-Trail Boss and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss. About 15 members also in attendance.

New News

Next meeting will be held at the American Legion again.

The signs are in; everyone meet at Not Justa a Bar Saturday at 9am to put up signs.

Map Sponsors are due April 9th at 6:30, Tammi will be attending that meeting.

Meeting at Somerset Village Hall

Update on Somerset Village board. DOT said the ATV riders cannot go through the 4 way stop by RCU bank, we need to look for other alternatives.  Other alternatives include going over Somerset bridge and the tubing bridge. Village President was given a generic copy of ATV ordinance to discuss with the safety committee and the Village Board. There is still push back from some authority members on ATV’s being allowed in the Village. More to come.

Social Media Outreach

The Facebook page is closing, please go to the group page and follow that.

SWAC Treasury Report

Tammi Brinkman discussed SWAC treasury report. After paying for the signs, we had $3529.72 in our account.

Announcements & Adjourn

ATV course in Osceola will be put up on our website and Facebook page if you are interested in attending.

Next meeting will be April 25st at 7pm at the American Legion

Meeting Adjourned at 7:57

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