2017.02.28 Meeting Minutes

7:10p.m. Called to Meeting:

President Martin Hauble called to meeting. Present Erv Shauer-Vice President, Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Michelle Beauvais-Secretary, Amber Campeau-Communications Director, Scott Beauvais-Trail Boss and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss. About 15 members also in attendance, also new members were in attendance.

New News

Discussed Potting’s as the current meeting spot, will be sold.  Michele Deg made a motion to move our next ATV meeting to the American Legion in Somerset, Erv seconded the motion, the motion was carried. Erv will check with the Legion to see if that would be acceptable to have our ATV meeting there.

We are selling map spots and website spots together for a total of $120.00.  $80.00 for the map and $40.00 for the website.  This buys you 3 years. Our club gets 1000 maps to sell in our area.  Hoping to get Maps in hand by May 1st, 2017. April 1st is our drop dead date for handing in map spots. Tammi discussed that we currently have five spots left and need to sell them. Discussed approaching Super America, Holiday.

Discussed ordering stickers with our club logo. Michele Deg made a motion to order the stickers, Martin seconded the motion, and the motion was carried.

Discussed the board having discretionary funds of $200.00 without club approval.  The board members would then advise the club at the next meeting if those funds were needed. Michele Deg made a motion to accept the $200 in petty cash available without club consent. Another club member second the motion and the motion was carried.

Discussed By-laws about adding in Communication director.  Member Tim made a motion to accept the new by-laws adding in the communication director, the motion was seconded by Adam Schumaker and the motion was carried. We will be adding the by-laws on the website.

We still are taking money for shirts, see Amber for sign up.


Club members asked about when and if the ATV signs were ordered. They had not been ordered but will be ordered very soon.  The board was waiting to see if we could get the village passed and order them together.

Meeting at Somerset Village Hall

Discussion regarding allowing Somerset WI ATV Club (from here on out known as SWAC).  The board has continued to meet with Village Board and the Police Chief about opening roads in the Village of Somerset.

Social Media Outreach

Our website is set up, www.somersetwiatvclub.com and the Facebook group page is also set up. Amber is handling all the meetings and links. If you have suggestions she said to contact her.

SWAC Treasury Report

Tammi Brinkman discussed SWAC funds, there is currently $5316.14 before the purchase of the signs.  More Koozies were purchased.

Group Events

Asked the club to think about a first annual Poker run and different ideas on how we can accomplish this.

Announcements & Adjourn

There will be an upcoming ATV safety course being offered.  June 7-9 Osceola will be offering ATV certifications and Amber will put the information on the web page.

Next meeting will be March 28th at 7pm at the Legion in Somerset.  Meeting Adjourned 7:42 p.m.

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