2017.01.31 Meeting Minutes

7:05p.m. Called to Meeting:

President Martin Hauble called to meeting. Present Erv Shauer-Vice President, Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Michelle Beauvais-Secretary, Amber Campeau-Communications Director, Scott Beauvais-Trail Boss and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss. About 20 members also in attendance.

New News

Discussed the success of the meat raffles.  A total collected $2770 from Koozies and meat after paying for the meat.  Questions and comments about the raffle.

Officers attended the alliance meeting with Greg Olson on Sunday night.  The alliance forfeited our alliance dues this year. The alliance helps our club lobby laws to promote and help ATV clubs in St. Croix county.  Future alliance meetings everyone is welcome to come.  This meeting was to discuss finishing the map and make sure the roads are marked and correct. They also gave our club 18 spots to sell for the map.  These need to be completed within the next month so we can get the money and applications back to the alliance. (Greg Olson).  We are selling map spots and website spots together for a total of $120.00.  $80.00 for the map and $40.00 for the website.  This buys you 3 years. Our club gets 1000 maps to sell in our area.  Hoping to get Maps in hand by May 1st, 2017. April 1st is our drop dead date for handing in map spots.

Members threw out ideas for business that may be interested in being on the map. Some members agreed to approach separate businesses. Louie Germain took 3 applications, Jeremy Tolzman took 2 applications.

We still are taking money for shirts, see Amber for sign up.


Questions to club about other townships opening around us.  New Richmond Township is currently in the works to form a club and open roads in their area. You can legally ride in your cul-de-sac if you are going directly to a trail.

Are we getting club stickers?  We can look into getting club stickers from Whiplash; Amber will work with them to get a price.

Out of state trail passes? You can get out of state DAY trail passes at the hardware store in Somerset to legally ride in Wisconsin.

Can we sell our ATV products at the bar stool races?  All the booths are taken but we can set up can Koozies and sell them at the race.

What are the ages for Helmets on Children? Any child under the age of 18 is required by law to wear a helmet.

What is our plan if township members complain about the ATV’s?  We will then have to make our presence known at problem spots and see what it going on and get the police involved if warranted.

Members are interested in long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. Michelle will look into cost for each of these.


Meeting at Somerset Village Hall

Discussion regarding allowing Somerset WI ATV Club (from here on out known as SWAC) and other ATV’s access to gas stations and local establishments.  The board will still meet with the Village Public Safety committee to discuss opening village roads.  We are in the process of setting up that meeting.

Social Media Outreach

Our website is set up, www.somersetwiatvclub.com and the Facebook group page is also set up. Amber is handling all the meetings and links. If you have suggestions she said to contact her.

SWAC Treasury Report

Tammi Brinkman discussed SWAC funds for buying signs.  We are reaching out to other clubs to buy their extra signage at a discounted price and then will buy what we need from other sources. We will need about $2000 for the signs. Michele Deg made a motion for $2000 to spend on signs/poles/hardware and Adam Schumaker seconded that motion; all were in favor. Tammi had small bills to get approval for; the purchase of the Koozies and 2 shirts were done by Scott and Michelle Beauvais. Michele Deg made the motion to approve to pay the Beauvais’ back for their purchase of the Koozies and the shirts. Adam Schumaker seconded that motion. All were in favor for Tammi to write Michelle Beauvais a check for those purchases.

Martin made a motion to order more Koozies for upcoming events, member Chad seconded that motion and all were in favor.

ATV Trail signs

Working on the ordering the signs for the township.

Group Events

We would like to set up group events for riding that are family friendly. Would like to connect with other ATV groups for riding. Quad county ATV and SWORDS ATV put on fun group rides with poker runs that gives out prizes. SWORDS ATV poker was mentioned and all are invited.  It is February 25, 2017 in Solon Springs.

Announcements & Adjourn

There will be an upcoming ATV safety course being offered. We will find out the details on cost and the date and will post it on our website and our Facebook group page. Anyone born after January 1, 1998 has to have a safety certification to legally drive the trails in WI. And Children 11 ½ and up can take the ATV course. More details to come.

Next meeting will be February 28th at 7pm at Potting’s, all members where in favor.  Meeting Adjourned 8:33 p.m.

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