2016.12.20 Minutes

8:20p.m. Called to Meeting:

President Martin Hauble called to meeting. Present Erv Shauer-Vice President, Tammi Brinkman-Treasurer, Michelle Beauvais-Secretary, Amber Campeau-Communications Director, Scott Beauvais-Trail Boss and Adam Schumaker-Trail Boss. About 15 members also in attendance. Attendance Roster sent around.

New News

Meeting was delayed to 8pm due to a 7pm Somerset Village board meeting to propose opening access roads in the Village of Somerset.

President Martin made a motion to add a Communications Director to the bylaws with Amber Campeau in mind to fill that position. Adam Schumaker seconded the motion and all were in favor.  They will be added to the bylaws.  An updated copy of the bylaws will be available for all at the next meeting.  A short reading of the bylaws was read by the president to do a preliminary vote by the members.

Meeting at Somerset Village Hall

Discussion regarding allowing Somerset WI ATV Club (from here on out known as SWAC) and other ATV’s access to gas stations and local establishments.  A proposal was given to the Village board by Martin-Pres on which roads would be the most accessible to ATV’s.  The Village is open to having ATV’s and will set up a meeting with the Safety Committee and the ATV club to discuss the pro’s and con’s.  Somerset Chief of Police has some concerns on safety and will also be a part of the meeting.

Social Media Outreach

Our website is set up, www.somersetwiatvclub.com and the Facebook group page is also set up. Amber is handling all the meetings and links. If you have suggestions she said to contact her.

SWAC Treasury Report

Tammi Brinkman discussed SWAC Non-profit exempt status and needing to get our tax forms in and the cost associated with the set up. Tammi still needing to file the paperwork.  We received another $500 donation from Evolution Power Sports that will cover the rest of the non-profits needs. Martin-Pres made a motion to use Club funds to proceed with the non-profit status and paperwork, Erv-VP second that motion and all were in favor.

Public Donation/Fundraising Ideas

Discussion in regards to getting donations for posts and signage for our side roads. Polaris in Osceola is willing to donate $1000. Martin Hauble will work on that donation. Martin will work on other sister sites of Polaris to get other donations.  Discussed different options for fundraising. Working on bacon raffle and silent auction for January 21st at Potting’s. Bacon Raffle for American Legion on January 27th is set up with volunteers. Possible bean bag tournament at Potting’s.  This is a work in motion.

Discussed getting t-shirts and apparel for our club.

ATV Trail signs

Signage will cost our club about $2000, Trail Bosses will get a count for how many signs needed.

Group Events

We would like to set up group events for riding that are family friendly. Would like to connect with other ATV groups for riding. Quad county ATV and SWORDS ATV put on fun group rides with poker runs that gives out prizes. SWORDS ATV poker was mentioned and all are invited.

Announcements & Adjourn

Greg Olson joined are meeting and suggested the SWAC join his alliance, which helps in getting laws changed for ATV clubs as one entity.  The Alliance included 4 clubs: Woodville, Glenwood, Star Prairie and Wilson. They also help with County mapping and advertising.

Next meeting will be January 31st at 7pm, all members were in favor.  Meeting Adjourned 9:51 p.m.

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